Artist statement


“The touch of chance. In the sound domain, chance produces “white noise” which is the background noise of magnetic tapes. In the field of colors, chance will give the color gray, which unites all the others. Nothing very interesting then, if the chance remains abandoned to itself.

Chance can, however, be confronted with rules and constraints. This will be for example the numbered wheel of the wheel on which the ball will land.

Rules and constraints are essential to allow chance to manifest itself in our eyes. The luminous scores that I have written are suites of possibilities. By precisely following the rules that I have given, chance will combine rhythmic and shapes with light intensities over time. "

“Since Leonardo da Vinci, painting has always considered itself to be“ cosa Mental ”. And this despite its deeply artisanal aspect. On the contrary, sculpture seemed, of all the arts, the most definitely linked to matter. This is what I believed until computer science showed me the possibility of working with light itself. The nuances and rhythms of light are - like sound - in direct continuity with the computer systems that control signs or shows. The special aesthetic of electronics: labyrintic circuits and tiny components is always hidden from view. Television, telephones no more than cars show the components that drive them. Is it not to scare us? The tiny mechanisms where dazzling calculations are carried out are still hidden. "