Entre lineas y sin palabras / Entre les lignes sans paroles

The gallery is thrilled to present Cuban artist Cristina Escobar’s first solo exhibition, Entre lineas y sin palabras / Entre les lignes sans paroles , from March 9 to April 13, 2024 in its space Marais.

For this exhibition, Cristina Escobar conceived a project which explores que the questions of the memory - both collective and individual -, origins, History and more particularly exile.

The “lines” not only evoke scriptures and the stories of the migrants she has been meeting for more than ten years, but also borders, landscapes and distant horizons. The “words” act as a dual symbol of silence and cries - the representation of despair of the most deprived, deprived of a common and human right: freedom of expression.

Insularity plays a central role in Cristina Escobar's research and thoughts, evidently connected to her personal history. She aims to underline the formal, symbolic and deep complexity of our place in the world. The exhibition is centered around an large-scale installation, The shadow of thingsin which element is the testimony of an individual history. Nouvel Atlas de la Méditerranéerepresents the borders which frame the Mediterranean Sea, a place of hopes as much as tragedies. It will face Le Village Nègrea large ensemble of 80 black tiles, created during a residency in the Vosges (North-East of France) and focused on the social history of the working class in territories today deserted by modernity: the tiles were molded on women’s thighs who stayed in the city of Thaon-les-Vosges and bear phrases collected by the artist.

Cristina Escobar envisions the disappearance of all existing the borders we know today: physical, social, cultural, visible or imperceptible; all give birth to a space of syncretism and universality... A common space of shared humanity.

Olivier Waltman
Paris, January 2024



Graduated from the Santiago de Cuba Art Academy, Cristina Escobar develops a reflection that encompasses memory, identity and writing. Her arrival in France in the 2000s marked the beginning of the works that she establised as "object-sculptures": assortments subtly constructed from raw materials and objects accumulated during her travels, representing the beginnings of her reflections related to time, borders and migratory flows.

From drawing to sculpture, Cristina Escobar interwines personal experience and collective memory to address social and political issues. Her research leads to the production of objects that the artist isolates from their context, motivating us to redraw our own territories and realize where the issues of exile and insularity exist.

Eminently inspired by the literary works of Georges Perec and Virgilio Piñera, which evoke the notions of memory and disappearance, Cristina Escobar offers a highly symbolic minimalist work that questions today’s world, and extracts its points of resonance in the light of her personal experience.