Point of view


Although he primarily defines himself as a designer, Stéphane Ducatteau works essentially with metal sheet, acid-treated steel and stainless steel. Furniture is, for him, the means to the development of a specific aesthetic. His approach to furniture is resolutely turned towards sculpture. The voluptuousness and ergonomics of the curves he shapes generate both emotion and sensuality. The technical skills he has acquired over time allow him to vary his patinas’ effects: the metal then takes the appearance of ebony. Each piece is made in a unique way, with the rigor and mastery of an ironworker.

Stéphane Ducatteau originally trained as an engineer and attended evening classes at the Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris during several years, focusing on drawing, painting, modelling, and glasswork. After working as an engineer in an architect’s office, he dedicated a year to train with ironwork as he wanted to make his own models, refusing to separate design to the object’s realisation.