Artist statement - 2018


Normally I paint as many layers as my age, a kind of tribute to the quest for the good image in painting.

I like that this process of creation of the pictorial material is slow, very slow so that throughout this revision of the biographical path, is accumulated and facilitates as and when the desire and the need to face the existence of the last accepted version of the pictorial work.

Nevertheless there are times when there is just the desire to paint, to live with painting, without end ... without wanting to be able to face its last official and definitive version. In these cases, I accumulate pictorial materials, dozens of "waiting" life courses.

And that's what happened with "The Manifesto" which has become a collection of experiences that did not want to exist in the form of two-dimensional vision specific to painting but of presence in three dimensions. It is a major work and fetish that allowed me to give way to the other aspect that can take a strictly pictorial approach: a work that invites to have an approach closer to the sensory presence that the traditional vision of a painting.

Xavier Escribà

Point of view - 2014

Xavier Escribà studied art in Barcelona (Sant Jordi Fine Arts College, University of Barcelona) and later in Paris (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris). He lived in Paris for over ten years and started his ca- reer there. His pictorial development, described as “imaginative and original” by critic Maria-Luïsa Borràs, might be des- cribed as a continuation of the French Support-Surface movement. Since 2000, he has exhibited regularly in France and Spain and is present on the international scene at fairs such as Fiac, Arco, The Armory Show, ArtBasel, ArtCo- logne, etc. He lives and works in Catalonia.